It goes without saying that no one likes to live or work in an unclean environment. Since most of the unwanted bacteria and viruses people contract usually originate from improperly cleaned surfaces, it is extremely important to keep surfaces clean to ensure that everyone’s health, safety, comfort and productivity is not compromised.

At The Cleaning Gurus, we believe that everyone deserves a clean and safe environment. This is the reason behind our commitment to attaining excellence within our industry by offering unrivalled cleaning services at a reasonable and pocket-friendly cost. As a fully bonded and insured cleaning services company, we provide top notch services.

High-end Staff

Our clients are our most treasured assets. We empower all our cleaning services staff to take ownership of every single cleaning project they assume. All of them have undergone relevant and thorough training. We take the health and safety of our staff as well as customers seriously.

If you are looking for a reliable, cutting-edge cleaning company, get in touch with The Cleaning Gurus Services. We will be glad to hear from you. You can call or email us.


A badly maintained facility will obviously reflect poorly on your professionalism. Your image needs to be protected from being damaged by maintaining a clean and safe working environment. At The Cleaning Gurus, we are committed to help you achieve this.

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These Services are Our Motto

Green Cleaning

Being widely known for our world-class cleaning services is a reputation we value and strive to protect. Embracing the newest trends is one of the things we need to do to uphold our hard-earned reputation and stay on top of our industry. Eco-friendly products and green cleaning services is among the latest and most beneficial trends. At The Cleaning Gurus, we are committed to being stewards to our environment by protecting the planet earth with green cleaning technology.

For us, the environment is top priority and our company’s green logo says it all. We are aware that society is working to become cleaner and greener and we strive to be the most eco-friendly company out there. This is why we are conscious about the type of products we use for cleaning and are committed to providing all of our clients with green cleaning services which are not only safe but also environmentally responsible. Since we understand the importance of using environmentally friendly products to reduce contaminants that pollute planet Earth, we only use non-toxic chemicals that adhere to all government regulations.

Residential Cleaning

Everyone loves to have a fresh and clean home. However, keeping your residence clean can be a huge task, especially if you work full time, have young kids or pets, or both. Many families find themselves with much less free time than ever and so overwhelmed that they can’t keep up with house cleaning chores. This is where The Cleaning Gurus residential cleaning specialists come in; you can go ahead and leave your residential cleaning headaches to us. We will make your cleaning chores to disappear and help keep your home spotless, giving you more time to enjoy absolute peace of mind and do what you enjoy.


Here are convincing reasons to choose us for your cleaning needs:

With our highly professional and management system, we can take on almost any challenge. From day care facilities to tall buildings, no job is too small or too tall for us. We make it a breeze to maintain a spotless facility or address any cleaning related concerns that you may have.

We are Flexible

The Cleaning Gurus will cater for your cleaning needs any day, any time. In case it is necessary to reschedule, a call is all that is required.

Wide-ranging and Personalized Cleaning Solutions

We cater for a variety of businesses and facilities and understand that when it comes to cleaning, there is no “one size fits all” approach.


The Cleaning Gurus LLC is a well-established company that you can trust for a wide range of commercial cleaning needs.

Honest, Reliable and Pro-active

Honesty and reliability are two major elements when it comes to hiring someone to manage your facility’s cleaning requirements. You want to have the peace of mind that the task will be done with utmost consistency, perfection, and efficiency. You certainly have no time to worry whether the cleaning is being done in the right way. Fortunately, with The Cleaning Gurus, you can rest assured that you won’t have to.

Highly Experienced, Reliable and Motivated Team

Our team is comprised of highly experienced, well equipped, insured, bonded veterans who have undergone training in the industry’s best practices and methodologies, as well as proper etiquette while on the job. Delivery of top notch service to you is our promise and this is why The Cleaning Gurus team of experts will always arrive on time. You can be assured of an exceptional service with attention to detail – each time.

No Time Wasted on Managing Cleaning

Our aim is let you focus on your business while we focus on making certain that you have spotless premises. With our systems in place, any issue arising is fixed promptly without directly involving you.


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What People Says About us

Client 1

“Alex was really a nice guy and very thorough! I will use his company again!”

January 1, 2016

Client 2

“They were very efficient and did the work in less time than I thought it would. Their prices are very good and I booked them for another day already “

October 6, 2015

Client 3

“Very responsive and diligent. Did a great job with my house – which had become very dirty since I started working 2 jobs.”

September 23, 2015

Client 4

“I had a one hour groupon. For one hour they cleaned all doors and all visual baseboards, They were friendly and still professional. “

September 11, 2015

Client 5

“The service provided to me by this company was so professionally done they exceeded my expectations which were set high to begin with. I strongly recommend this service to any and all. “

May 26, 2015

Client 6

“Very polite and clear on procedure. Good job cleaning; I scheduled more cleanings! “

May 5, 2015